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I have always loved technology and everything that it stands for. New ideas, new concepts and people making a living while others that cannot or will not keep up are left out. I grew up in a very diverse area of Southern California. I went to school and became friends with people from different cultures, and understood diversity at an early age. This lead me into sales and marketing, and with the internet came SEO. If you go to any business course they will tell you to “stand out” from the crowd. But, they do not tell you how to stand out, or even give you a clue on how to understand the crowd and the diversity of the crowd.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pretty straight forward with what needs to happen. The search engines have their rules to follow they make known. Social Media has different modes of communication for each platform. Then there is the actions taking place offline affects what happens online.

There are slight changes, and the search engines will change things around. Instead of complaining about it being to difficult, just take it as a good thing. In the end, Google and the other search engines made it pretty clear they are not interested in businesses, or the marketers for the businesses. The search engines are only concerned about the end user (your customers). Which is a GREAT thing to have on your side. How many times have you seen the ads for getting over 100 links to your site, or we guarantee your site to be on the top of Google in no time at all. Also, my all time favorite; Hello I am calling from Google and we have an opportunity for you to be on the first page! I have to admit that I do have a sense of humor, and I usually play around asking a bunch of questions only to ask them if they are even prospecting clients. By that point I usually get hung up on!

I am keep up on the trends and what is available for good SEO practices, and what to stay away from. It took a lot of patience, and a lot of trial and error to fully grasp what goes into effective an effective SEO campaign. Even when I think I am becoming confident, there is still more to learn!

SEO in a nutshell

There is no quick way of doing anything, or easy poofs that will make your website get to the top spot of the search engines. There is just 1 word regarding SEO; HUSTLE. That is it, just pure hustle and how fast you can keep up with the changes, and new technology that is constantly coming up to make life easier.

Knowing there is a big hustle in SEO;

  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Listing your business in the right places
  • What you do in the real world

Website Optimization 

This is one of the first steps in SEO. Without optimizing the website, the search engines are not going to list the site accordingly. Does the site have the correct content, key words, titles, and ensuring the images are set up the right way? It is critical the website is set up to be indexed by the search engines and show up when potential customers are looking for your services.

Social Media 

All social media channels should be looked at as funnels to your website. Think about it in simple terms, people are spending more time go through social media instead of just surfing the web. Every social media channel has a different way of communicating to the set audience, and every demographic has its own way of communication. With new social platforms popping up, there is never one set way of communicating across. The only thing that stays the same across all platforms of social media is creating great content for your audience, and being social instead of putting out spammy sales pitches.

Listing your business with the right places

If you ever seen the movie Forrest Gump, and heard the term “run Forrest run!”. When he ran, he ran so fast he became a success! That phrase should come to mind if you are approached with black hat tactics promising your site to be ranked with 100’s of links to your site. That is not “link juice” or an ethical means to get your site noticed. That means you will be part of the Porn Pills Casino (PPC) group. Also, the search engines will see this, and think your site is trying to game the system.

There are business listings and places to place your business. That is 100% normal, and something you must do to stay relevant. Placing your site with a business journal, or respected directory will have a better long lasting effect compared to being part of the PPC world.

What you do in the real world 

What your business does in the real world will happen and relevant during that period of time. Does your business go to conventions, have promotion booths, give lectures or anything else that draws in a crowd? It being placed in social media will share with the other people that were not there, show your business is active, and builds trust that is needed for people to hand over their money to you.

This is just the starting point of effective SEO. I look at SEO as an art form that takes time, patience, and a lot of motivation to get your site top rankings in the search engines.

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